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Mineral makeup appears to be taking the cosmetic industry by storm. Most commercial lines of cosmetics have, by now, introduced their own line of mineral makeup. If comparing the cost of these brands, the range is anywhere between $10.00 to $35.00 or more. So why should I consider buying a higher price when the lower are available at any drug store or grocery market?

The answer is simple: quality and ingredients. Mineral makeup does seem to be the answer to many concerns with organic, pure, natural, and beneficial ingredients. Women want to take care of their skin, giving it the much deserved attention and care it so deserves.

With emphasis on pores, aging, natural, the mineral makeup fashion lines fit our needs. It boasts to be made of ingredients found in nature that won't clog or harm the skin. It also sell claim to be a natural sun protector. Mothers of teenage daughters are ecstatic over the claims that mineral makeup can be left on over night without harming the skin if the teenage may forget to wash before going to bed. The thoughts of saving on dermatology bills bring a twinkle to their eyes. So how does one choose the correct line of mineral makeup?

Choosing the Correct Line of Mineral Makeup

When choosing the correct line of mineral makeup fashion you must know your skin type. Do you have dry, mature skin? Is your skin oily and breaks out easily with foundation? Do you burn easily? These are three very important questions you must know the answers to before choosing your line of mineral makeup.

1. Dry, mature skin : I have interviewed women with dry, aging skin to get their opinions on mineral foundation. As I expected, there were several from both ends of the spectrum. What I discovered was that if the skin is not properly cared for both inside and out, no matter which form of makeup used, the results will not be what you expected. Dry skin needs to be moisturized both morning and night. Special care also needs to be given to the eye area. A healthy diet including plenty of water is a must! This will keep the skin hydrated and add less emphasis to wrinkles. Given all of these, mineral makeup well suits a dry, maturing face. It is not heavy and greasy. It glides over the face. It does not sit in wrinkles, illuminating them to all that are encountered. The women that I spoke with whose trials were less than pleasing were not as careful in skin care. Their concerns were the mineral product sitting in the wrinkles, making the skin appear drier. I recommend cleaning, toning, and moisturizing before applying the mineral foundation. Go lightly when applying the foundation, gradually building to the desired coverage. I also recommend looking for a mineral foundation in a cream formula. It seems to solve most of the concerns. The exceptionally good news for mature skin and mineral makeup is the ingredient titanium dioxide, which offers some sun protection. We know that the UVA and UVB rays are devastating to mature skin, and all others. This key ingredient adds to the protection, but should not be considered the sole protection used.

2. Oily skin: Research your brand of mineral ingredients before purchasing if you have oily skin and break out easily. While mineral makeup fashion is safe and healthy for most users, as with all products, you may find that the brand you chose makes your condition worse. Why? I thought one of the reasons for using mineral makeup was to help combat oily breakouts. The answer is quite simple. While the mineral makeup contains natural ingredients that are beneficial, it may also contain some ingredients that can cause blemishes to occur by clogging the pores. Look for brands that do not have the ingredients: bismuth oxchloride (can clog the pores), alcohol (drying), talc, and dimethicone (causes blemishes). These ingredients can further irritate the skin, making the acne or oily production worse. Look for good ingredients like zinc oxide which helps heal the skin and is a natural inflammatory. Also, the ingredient serecite helps reduce the appearance of pores, a common feature of oily skin.

3. Burns easily: If you have skin that burns easily in the sunlight, you will want to pay close attention to mineral makeup. Yes, it does contain titanium dioxide, a mineral that offers natural sun protection, but this is not enough to protect your skin. Please do not rely on mineral makeup as your sole protector. Your skin is too valuable.

My Personal Recommendations

I have found several brands of mineral makeup that I used and loved. Each are quality products that I feel comfortable recommending to you.

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This article was published on 2011/01/11