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With the constant advances in cosmetic technology, breakthroughs have been made for the makeup that ladies have already loved for years. Mineral components in cosmetics have been around for some time, but when mineral foundation was first introduced, its unique and all-natural properties helped it to gain its popularity right away in the cosmetic market. Although years from now there may be new discoveries on what will be the best for foundation, as of the moment, mineral makeup product is considered to be among the very best cosmetic products on the market today!

Before it was available in wide release in the 1990s, most ladies used the traditional mode of putting on foundation with the use of creams and lotions. It was a hassle putting it on as women would have to try to mix and blend to match their unique skin color before applying it. Traditional foundation also contains impurities which can make the skin looking old, and can also lead to skin allergies with continued use. It also leaves the skin with a cakey and thick layer which gives the face an unnatural look.

However, mineral foundation can erase fine lines, crow's feet, and wrinkles upon its application. It is made of pure organic substances that do not tend to irritate the skin because the products are usually preservative free. It is also water resistant, and can be worn even when going to sleep. Additionally, mineral foundations usually contain sunblock and feel very light weight on the skin when used.

Mineral foundation has a lot more to offer than the old style cosmetics products, and thus has become the choice for most makeup artists, ladies, and even among men who need a little cover up. Almost all cosmetic companies are incorporating this type of mixture into their products. In this new generation, mineral makeup has proven enough and is labeled as the new look and feel for foundations and makeup the world over!

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Discover Mineral Foundation Makeup

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This article was published on 2010/03/26